Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Get Your Carpets Looking Brand New Again!

Tired of stained, dull carpets? Let us restore the beauty and cleanliness of your carpets with our professional carpet cleaning services. We use powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning systems to penetrate deep into carpet fibers, lifting dirt, stains, allergens and bacteria to the surface where they can be removed.

Our carpet cleaning process:

  • Thorough vacuuming - We use commercial grade vacuums to lift and remove loose dirt and debris from your carpets before steam cleaning. This allows the steam cleaning to focus on deeper stains and soils.
  • Pre-treatment of stains - Any stubborn spots and stains will be pre-treated using green cleaning solutions. These solutions help break down stains so they can be extracted more effectively.
  • Truck-mounted steam cleaning - Hot pressurized water is injected deep into your carpeting along with our non-toxic cleaning solution. Our powerful truck-mounted system provides more cleaning power than portable units. The solution and dirt are immediately extracted.
  • Sanitizing treatments - We apply a sanitizing agent to your freshly cleaned carpets to help eliminate bacteria and allergens. This leaves your carpets clean and healthy.
  • Deodorizer - A gentle carpet deodorizer is applied to give your carpets a light, fresh scent.
  • Fast drying times - Your carpets will dry within just a few hours, not days. Quick drying times mean you can start enjoying your clean carpets right away.

We offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning throughout Buford GA. We also provide upholstery and area rug cleaning. Contact us today to schedule affordable carpet cleaning services and get your carpets looking new again!

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